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Установка шноркеля Safari


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Thread: Safari snorkel installation guide. Step by step.

7th July 2012, 18:33
Ok. This may take a few more hours for me or you to do it, so if you want to save the $200 install cost then do it yourself. I chose to do it myself as I'm a tight ass and I wanted to know more about the rock.
My car has no flares. Snorkel is designed for flares so I may get something to fit in the gap. Personally, safari should include it or have a non flare model.
Step 1. RTFM. Read the flaming manual. Get to know your car, stroke the snorkel. Talk to it. Karma will like you for it.
Get a clean work space. Not a cluttered shed like mine. Rok's are huge. So make room. Note. My rok cannot fit in my shed length wise. My land rover 110 can.
Ok pull the car apart.
foto 1-2

Inner liner out and look left. See all that mud. That will rust your guard out later. Mark my words
foto 3

Next is pull the air box out and the hose from behind the grill to the air box. Need to pull the grill out to do this.
foto 4-5-6

Then the scary part. Cut the guard.
Template on. Fingers crossed and drill. I used tin snips to make the big hole.
foto 7-8

Then paint the holes to prevent rust.
Then the inner guard. Template on and cut away. Took ages to do this part as there is a wiring loom to protect.
Foto 9-10
Paint this also.
Trial fit snorkel and mark the roof bracket.
Next. Air box.
Grind a few tabs off and use the template to mark and cut the hole.
foto 11-12-13

Silicon and pop rivet it in place.
Put the oval cap on and silicon and hose clamp.
Fill the drain bung with silicon. Don't forget. It won't be a snorkel otherwise.

Next put the air box in the rok. Not that easy trust me.
foto 14-15

Fit your snorkel up and tighten everything
foto 16

The look from all angles.
Final look
Then put it all back together.
Tomorrow we will have a class on cooking a can of SPAM with the turbo heat. Stay tuned !!!!

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